Pleasurable Food as Fuel for an Active Lifestyle

Our Moore Realistic approach to healthy eating includes a wide variety of vegetables and fruits, whole grains, low or non-fat dairy products, and eggs, fish, and some lean meats. We use low-fat cooking methods such as roasting and grilling, and we make use of olive oil or unsalted butter for preparations where fat enhances flavor or nutrient availability. We are very careful to keep sodium content to under 2300 milligrams per day as recommended in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans

Our Moore Realistic attitude towards diet allows us to enjoy a wide range of food preparations. Our meals support our lifestyles and allow for plenty of flexibility when schedules change. Healthy eating is always our goal, but we don’t deny ourselves occasional consumption of favorite splurge foods. Our approach is everything in moderation – including moderation!

Food patterns matter, and we favor consistency in timing of meals and snacks as much as possible. Breakfast is part of our pattern, along with lunch and dinner. Snacks focus on healthy choices as much as feasible. We tend to keep low calorie, low sodium snack items such as raw vegetables and unsalted nuts on hand. We also limit our intake of foods that are high in added sugars and fat. 

We love to cook and love to eat! Since we also have busy schedules, we often use cooking as a social opportunity, especially for evening and weekend meals. While weekday breakfasts and lunches might be a bit predictable, we try to experiment with new foods or new approaches for evening and weekend cooking. Even though we have menu plans for each week, we are comfortable swapping menus or changing them as needed or as opportunities arise. Menus and recipes are guidelines but not strict rules!

Moore Realistic dining focuses on mindful eating and a pleasurable experience. We eat at the table and interact with one another over dinner. We take time to enjoy the flavors and textures of the food that we are eating. As a result, meals are a respite from the challenges and pace of daily living.